Tuesday, 16 May 2017

A New Beginning


I'm so pleased to welcome you to my new blog.  After nine years over at my old one, I decided it was time for a fresh start, and a new home for my art and stories.

My last blog started when I was a new Mum and I'd lost myself creatively in the midst of sleepless nights, fumbling my way through those early weeks and months with no time to paint.  I started to write as a way to give myself a small creative focus, and over the years I shared all kinds of things there; family time, crochet projects, holidays, crafts, being a Mum, my art and more.

However, time moves on and a change is often as good as a rest.  As much as I love that blog and all the memories that it houses, it just felt like time to start afresh, to create a blog space which is relevant to where I am now - where I can write about what I do, how I manage a creative business with a family, how I create my work as well as sharing how mindfulness helps me as an artist in an increasingly busy world. 

I'm really excited to be starting this new blog.  I hope it will inspire you, and that you will join me on my journey.