Thursday, 20 July 2017

What Summer Holds

We have just one more day of school left here, and I confess I have been counting down the days until my daughter comes flying out of the school gates, hair streaming behind her, with a huge smile on her face.  She too has been looking forward to the summer holidays, it feels like it's been a long term with it's fair share of challenges.  We long for lazy days, pottering about doing nothing much in particular, of walks in nature, spontaneous picnics and a trip to the seaside with friends.

And so it seems fair to tell you at this point that I won't be around that much for the next six weeks.  My business will go into a sort of rest mode as I take some time to relax with my family.  My online shop will still be open and yes, I will be about and sharing bits and bobs on my social media, but that's about it. Any commissions or artwork won't be booked until September now, and I know it feels like that's a small lifetime away but it will come around soon enough.  I feel very much in need of some time out, to make new plans and have a think about a few things.  Rest assured, I am not giving up my work, not at all, just taking some time off.

I also realise that in a few years this spirited daughter of mine will be off and away with her friends during the holidays, just like I was.   I remember long days with my sister and friend Sarah, out in the local countryside or parks near our home and not thinking to go back until we felt hungry.  It was like that then, and although we didn't do much I have fond, hazy memories of those times.  And so, it feels a tad more important this year to enjoy this time with my girl, and that means slowing down on the work front to do this, and that is ok.

I also have plans to do some much needed decluttering in my home, I feel a need to create space and let things go.  It all feels a bit much, I feel overwhelmed by the things that are crammed in the cupboards etc, so that is a job I shall do that I have put off for long enough.

My daughter has also asked me to teach her how to crochet, I couldn't be happier - I think a woolly picnic of sorts is on the cards, lots of tasty things, a sunny day and crochet.  Perfect.  

And so, that's it for a while, I will maybe write a blog during the summer, but I may not, the next few weeks are guided very much by a go with the flow attitude.  I will be keeping an art journal close to hand to record any ideas or doodles that I dream up, and I'd like to start investigating places where I can hold art classes....yes, finally I have decided to take the plunge and teach some workshops.  I will enjoy researching this over the summer and look forward to sharing more about it in September with you.

Have a lovely summer.  If you would like to get in touch you are very welcome to write to me, just click on the contacts page to say hello.

With love,
Julia xxx